Have you been Struggling with your Online Marketing Presence?

There is a Simple Solution!…

Whether you are an e-commerce entrepreneur, social influencer or internet marketer, you want to find the easiest and most professional way to make a great first impression. Many new businesses lose revenue by:

  1. Letting clients leave their website without offering a subscription

  2. Lacking attractive webpages to quickly launch offers and campaigns.

Many businesses discover that there are website visitors with a level of interest, that don’t make a purchase on their first visit to your site. But with appealing opt-in forms that you can embed or pop-up, ODESHE Lead Capture can help you collect prospect details, and sell via your favourite email drip campaigns/autoresponders.


If you have a new campaign idea for your business or service, you can take 15 minutes to customise an ODESHE Lead Capture template and share it as a trackable link!


Have a look at some of the ODESHE Lead Capture example templates below, and see how you can boost your venture’s revenue with dynamic Lead Capture approaches!

Subtle & Responsive Forms

Embed subtle and responsive opt-in forms that can be modified to fit the theme of your site.

Versatile Tools – Social Engagement

Share or pop-up dynamic social media engagement fields so clients and prospects can keep in touch with your content where they find convenient.

Conversion Questions

Ask a relevant question before your prospect opts in, in order to make sure that prospects who share details are definitely interested in your Offer.


You can share your Lead Capture as a standalone web page! That’s right, choose an optimised template to adapt and share with Prospects on social media, online, or through direct messaging, and Capture Leads from a squeeze page designed to deliver your message.

Amaze your Prospects with Capture Pages like this example!

Even More Conversion Tools!…

  • Display your Lead Capture in versatile ways on your site

  • Delay when your Lead Capture appears by time, page scrolling, delay, inactivity, page exit intention, and many more behaviours…

  • Present Lead Capture only on specific pages of your site, or if someone has not yet visited a specific page

  • Lead Capture integrates with popular e-commerce and can be displayed according to Cart subtotal, on specific product pages, or other activities

  • Integrate your Lead Capture directly with your current Email Marketing platform

  • Lead Capture has many other features to explore, that can boost the conversion and interest of your subcribers