Come and join us. We have talented, intelligent and passionate people who make the company what it is today. If you want to work with and learn from the best in the business, there’s no better place to start than ODESHE.

What We Offer

The ODESHE platform supplies PREMIUM natural goods and marketing services, and we give EPIC bonuses to our marketers. “Odeshe” actually means “of royal stock” or “the royal one” in the West African “Akan” language, which reflects the class of products and services we supply. We source the best plant-based ingredients with scientific references of supporting normal and natural health and vitality, made up of natural ingredients wherever possible. Our marketing technology is calibrated for conversion power and effectiveness, and ease-of-use.


We provide an amazingly innovative opportunity for our network of professional distributors. With an expanding range of premium, organic and non-GMO skincare and supplements, Odeshe serves the people as a premium wellness and marketing brand.

Built to Enhance Individual Productivity with Ease.

Online Presence

We provide you with a free replicated website that looks exactly like this one. The site will display your e-Commerce store online 24/7 non-stop. You simply get paid when someone buys from your e-store.


Editing or updating your details in the back office is a walk in the park! The personal website you get is coded with your details and you get credited with all commissions due from sales on the site.

Seize The Time

If you have been looking for an opportunity to make an extra income online, look no further! ODESHE was designed with you in mind. Become a member today for a chance to achieve even more than your dreams!

Earning Process Made Easy

Super SEO Ready

We employ the services of professional service providers to ensure all ODESHE websites are fully indexed by search engines. We are a platform for your success. We take care of the heavy lifting when it comes to visibility of our sites!

Launch Your Business

We have all the services laid out for you to reach the income level you want. Here at ODESHE, you can choose to make as little as you want, or as much as you want. Our Membership Levels are designed to do just that. Follow simple suggestions to get started.

Top Quality Services

Whether you want to move quickly or not through the ranks, the doorway to our program is always to start as a Free Affiliate Member. And just when you think we are done; we offer you the chance to get Odeshe to top up your commissions to £2,500.00 every month!

Our Dream Team

When you get to know us and what stand for, you would also conclude, like the many before you, that the ODESHE team is the best you have come across in a long time!

Using our platform, talented, intelligent and passionate people have put a few people on the road to fulfilling their dreams today. If you want to work with and learn from the best in the industry, there’s no better company to start with.

When you’re ready to make a difference in your life by earning more commissions, team up with ODESHE leaders, and make a real difference in the world – if you’re ready to work with us. Our Independent Distributors are the lifeblood of our company, and our experienced Marketing Consultants are the heart beats of our operation. It’s time to take your online success to a whole new level on our platform.

Our Culture

When the need arises, we pull all our top brains together to resolve an issue. That is why our operation runs smoothly most of the time

We do this by identifying inspired individuals at the local level ready for a change in their earning potential. From then on, we would allow the benefits of our bonus structure to do the talking.

We even show you how to get ODESHE to top up your commissions to £2,500 every single month. It is that simple!

We place our members in front of a unique opportunity never experienced before in the industry. All that is needed is to make use of the service!

About Us

Joe Baiden (Director)

I have been involved in Home-Based Business for over 25 years.

The highlight of my experiences in this endeavour, is where I succeeded in adapting and using the Network Marketing Concept to run an agency for recruiting nurses, healthcare assistants, and social workers for some of the major healthcare providers in London, UK. I ran this company for 5 years with good results. As usual, it took some dedication and keen attention to detail.

I intend to do the same here for your benefit.


Other team members will be introduced shortly.

Levels of Engagement


As a valued customer, you are welcome to visit our site and purchase any of our growing list of unique products.

Independent Distributor

No qualification needed. Build your team of marketers at your pace and get rewarded.

Free Affiliate Member

  • No monthly membership fees
  • No requirement for sales targets
  • Get paid on every sale you make

Marketing Consultant

The company tops up your commissions to £2,500 every single month!


Joining ODESHE is free. No experience is necessary. Simple steps to the development of integrated strategies.


We consider all the seamless drivers of change – from the ground up. We’ll motivate and support you to make the right decision to succeed.


The ODESHE Pay Plan is something special! It focuses hard on the best ways to pay you more bonuses than you ever thought possible.