CASH Bonus Opportunity

Finally, a new way of making your mark online! You will be blown away with what we have in store for you! We have done the sums and we know it will add up to your full satisfaction.

Pooling our resources and experiences together, we have tried to make your experience with ODESHE as simple and easy as possible. If you came across our website and all you ever wanted to do is purchase one of our unique products, you are welcome to do so. We would be happy to serve you as one of our valued customers.

If after using our product, you become one of our growing satisfied customers, we would like you to tell others about it. If you end up recommending our products and services to others, we would like to pay you some commissions for your kindness.

You can even do better by going a step further. Become a Free Affiliate Member and earn commissions each time someone you personally referred to ODESHE buys a product from us.

We make those who partner with us leaders of their pack by giving you the tools to make a difference. We bring more than 20 years’ senior experience making the journey to success a breeze without the usual hassle that keep the average person struggling more than they need to…

C.A.S.H. Bonus = Corporate Angel Sponsoring Help

We’ve engineered a brand new bonus never seen before in the industry, to provide the best reward possible to our distributors! The Corporate Angel Sponsoring Help “CASH” bonus is an added amount of £2,500 that Odeshe pays to Marketing Consultants every single month. Explained another way, a Marketing Consultant receives a CASH bonus AS WELL AS the sales commission they have earned! The CASH bonus only stops if the Marketing Consultant stops reaching the daily sales target, but they can re-qualify at their own pace! However you still get paid commissions on every sale you make.

As if that wasn’t enough good news, the CASH bonus may soon be increasing!…


Our potential customers, business partners, Affiliates, and Distributors come from all walks of life.

Against this background, our aim was to create trusted and strategic relationships within key sectors of society. The goal was to leave positive footprints in our wake by making lives a little easier for individuals who want to succeed online!

Premium Products

 You can rest assured that the food supplements we supply are natural, packed with nourishing plant nutrients, free from unwanted and toxic synthetics, and the best option to maintain your natural and optimal health.

Lead Capture

 Access our Elite marketing tool “ODESHE Lead Capture” and access our rich, customisable capture page templates, to market to your prospects for less than £12 per month!

Business Transformation

What we do is not business as usual, because if you continue to do what everybody does, you end up constantly blaming others for lack of results.


What separates ODESHE from all the other work-from-home companies is our determination and ability to design the simplest step-by-step way of getting to the big pay days!

Strategic Vision

We do not leave you to struggle in frustration with no result. Whereas most companies only focus on the profits they want to make, we make you a partner in profit sharing.

Strategic Process

Our pay structure is laced with smooth pathways to success.

We designed Odeshe with you in mind: Learn how to get Odeshe to pay you £2,500/m in return for doing precious little for it!

Skills Development

Our approach leads you to develop the skills you need naturally. Most people do not realise how talented they are. We help you to be the best you can be.

Flexible and Adaptable

Adapt our system around the way you want to work. Achieve your targets within identifiable simple frameworks, and marvel over results later!

Networks that span beyond your wildest dreams

ODESHE has been more than 20 years in the making to bring you the best in the industry. You will not find another company like this…


We do this by identifying inspired individuals at the local level ready for a change in their earning potential. By simply opening a marketing account with us, you are already 75% of your way to success! We draw on our international network of experience to increase your fortunes when the time is right to expand into new markets. From then on, we allow the benefits of our bonus structure do the talking. We have all the services laid out for you to reach the income level you want. Here at Odeshe, you can choose to make as little as you want, or as much as you want. Our Membership Levels are designed to do just that.

You are so close to your dreams!

We place our members in front of a unique opportunity never experienced before in the industry. All that is needed is to make use of the service! Whether you want to move quickly or not through the ranks, the doorway to our program to start as a Free Member is open. You can start ODESHE with no money and earn as much as you want on personal sales. At the Independent Distributor position, you begin to leverage on other people’s efforts as well!

We show you the right move to make

When you introduce people to ODESHE, it is almost certain that they would also tell others they know. These are people you may not know. You can make a simple move to take advantage of your team’s efforts. You can Taproot into your wider network as it begins to happen if you upgrade to become an Independent Distributor!

We have a system in place that would allow you to collect commissions from that generation of friends of your friends! We call that “Taprooting”. The possibilities here seem endless! This can go on from the first set of friends on your level 1 through to level 12! You do not have to know any of them. Yet you can position yourself to benefit each time purchases are made!

The people you introduce to ODESHE will get the same great deal as yourself: they receive commissions when they make sales. As your team grow exponentially by everybody referring friends and family to purchase our products, the commissions generated to reward them could become crazy to contemplate.


Whether you want to move quickly or not through the ranks, the doorway to our program to start as a Free Member is open. At Odeshe we leave no stone unturned in our efforts to be of good service to you and your team members. We are dedicated to your success. Our skills are at your disposal and we keep such admin work in-house. You only concentrate on selected commitments to grow your Odeshe business and reap the benefits.

Free Affiliate Member

Without investing your own money, you get paid commissions when people buy our products with your personal URL we give you. Refer as many customers as you want and get paid every time they buy from the website we give you for free. You can always upgrade your account to make even more commissions. We show you how.

Independent Distributor

The rubber meets the road here. For a nominal membership fee, you begin to get paid on people your team members recruit.

Marketing Consultant

Can you manage one single sale a day? We top up your income every month in return for just 1 sale a day with no compromises!

The Next Stop

Earlier Membership Levels are not designed for long stays. Earn more commissions by doing less personally.

There's More…

Just when you think we are done; we offer you the chance to get Odeshe to top up your commissions to over £2,500.00 every month!

Find out everything ODESHE has to offer including natural products, marketing technology, and more!…

Free Affiliate Member

An introductory level to our revolutionary Pay Structure
FREE monthly
  •  No monthly membership fees
  •  No requirement for sales targets
  •  Get paid on every sale you make
  •  Do not get paid beyond personal level of customers

Independent Distributor

No prior qualification needed. You decide when to become an independent Distributor.
£25 monthly
  •  Pays monthly membership fees
  •  Buys 1 Product per month
  •  Get paid on every sale you make
  •  Gets paid on everybody in your team

Marketing Consultant

Needs to be an Independent Distributor to apply for this position.
£25 monthly
  •  Pays monthly membership fees
  •  Makes 1 (ID) sale a day
  •  Enjoys all the benefits of an Independent Distributor
  •  Gets paid £2,500.00/m when daily sales targets are met

Need a Sponsor?

Make sure you tell us where to send the information you want, and we’ll do our best to connect you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to open an account with ODESHE?

Opening an account with ODESHE is FREE. That means you can start earning commissions with us without paying for the opportunity to do so.

How do I join as a marketer?

You can click “Join Now!” at the top of this page, and then you can follow the promptings to sign the membership agreement Terms & Conditions. You will need your mobile phone to complete this process.

Can I get a free trial account before I purchase?

Yes, that is what the Free Affiliate Member position is for. As a free member, you get the chance to see what ODESHE has to offer!

How can I make an important change to my application?

You can write to to make changes to your account details. After approval, you can do so yourself by logging into your account to update account information.

What happens next when I’ve sent my application?

You will receive a confirmation email that will require immediate action to confirm and verify you are not a robot! Check your spam folder or junk mail if you do not see this email in your inbox within 24hours.

What type of compensation plan do you use to pay marketers?

Free Affiliates get paid on their personal sales volume. Independent Distributors and Marketing Consultants are paid from building a 3×12 Forced Matrix, as well as their personal sales volume. More details are available upon registration.

How can I earn the CASH bonus?

You first have to become a Marketing Consultant by maintaining the sale of 1 Independent Distributor membership package a day. Click HERE to see how to become a Marketing Consultant.

Do you help marketers to recruit?

Odeshe will be engaging in marketing campaigns and making it easier for existing Distributors to recruit in the wake of its activities.

How frequently do you pay out?

All distributors can expect pay-outs on a monthly basis.

Which products are part of the ODESHE Program?

The products on (specifically here) count towards membership purchases. Members can also sell these products that using their replicated site links for commission.

What countries are your products available in?

For each product in our program (available here) you can click the “Specifications” tab and view “National Availability” to see the list of countries that product is available in. Our digital products such as the Angel Sponsoring ebook and ODESHE Lead Capture software are available for all customers and members internationally.

For shipping costs please add to cart and select a shipping option.

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